Before Anesthesia

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Before Anesthesia

Make Sure You Are Fasting

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before your surgery. It is important to have a completely empty stomach before anesthesia for safety reasons, as it can reduce the body’s ability to prevent food or stomach acids from entering the lungs.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Dress in comfortable clothes that button down the front and avoid garments such as turtlenecks or pullovers that may contact your face. Leave your valuables such as jewelry and watches at home.

Arrive Clean and Makeup-Free

Shower and wash your hair on the morning of surgery or the night before. Wash your face thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Do not wear any makeup or contact lenses. If you wear dentures, leave them in.

What to Expect Upon Admission?

On the morning of your surgery, you will be admitted to the surgery center, where you will remove your street clothes and don a hospital gown. An IV will be placed in your arm, through which you will receive your preoperative medication such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and anti-anxiety medication.

In the Operating Room

A nurse will escort you to the operating room and remain with you throughout the entire procedure. The nurse can answer any questions you may have about the surgery or what happens afterwards.

After Surgery

It is important to have a responsible family member or friend available to drive you home after surgery, as you may still be somewhat affected by the anesthesia. It is dangerous to drive home by yourself and therefore it is not permitted. Please contact us if you need assistance in arranging postoperative transportation.