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Custom Night Guards Help Prevent Grinding

If you are looking for custom night guards to stop grinding your teeth, call Greenhill Family Dentistry and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Abercrombie, an expert in mouth guards. Dr. Abercrombie and our team will help you protect your teeth with a custom fitted appliance.

Bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding, is a problem that many of our patients have suffered from, but they are often originally completely unaware of it. After feeling some symptoms, like sore jaw muscles, patients will come in looking for a night guard to prevent the grinding.

The most common symptoms are sore muscles in your jaw or face, tension headaches, or unusually worn teeth. If you are experiencing these or other symptoms, please call us and we will help you to get fitted for a custom bite guard.

What is the Benefit of a Night Guard?

When you grind your teeth, you put extra strain on your jaw muscles. You might notice this when you wake up. That extra strain can cause your face and ears to feel sore as well. The most serious side effect is that it can wear your teeth down.

There is also a connection between bruxism and snoring. With your teeth getting worn down, your mouth, when closed, will leave less room inside for your tongue. This can lead to sleep apnea, a very serious sleep disorder that can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and a host of other health issues.